Spontaneous Speech Assessment with SpeechSuper's API: Enhancing Language Testing

Conversations are an essential part of our daily lives. In academic settings, speaking is necessary to express opinions and collaborate with peers. However, natural conversations are unscripted, making the evaluation of spontaneous speech a significant challenge. 

High-stakes English-level tests such as IELTS and TOEFL evaluate spontaneous speech based on multiple aspects, including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, fluency, and topic development. However, accurately and automatically assessing these aspects of spoken language presents a significant challenge. At SpeechSuper, we have taken on this challenge with the aim of developing precise and efficient evaluation methods.

Drawing primarily from the evaluation rubrics used for IELTS speaking assessments, SpeechSuper's spontaneous speech assessment API will provide comprehensive scores for both overall performance and the 5 sub-dimensions mentioned above. In addition, our API will offer detailed analytics to help users better interpret and understand their scores.

SpeechSuper spontaneous speech assessment API can provide:

  • Overall speaking score (IELTS estimate)
  • Pronunciation score (IELTS estimate), including scores for sentences and words
  • Lexical resource score (IELTS estimate)
  • Fluency and coherence score (IELTS estimate), along with technical details such as speaking speed, long pause count, and filler word count
  • Grammatical range & accuracy score (IELTS estimate), with detailed analysis of grammatical errors and correction suggestions for sentences
  • Topic Development score, a percentage that shows how well the response stayed on topic
  • Transcript of the user's response

SpeechSuper's spontaneous speech assessment API outline

With SpeechSuper's spontaneous speech assessment API, you can gain valuable insights into users' speaking abilities. Stay tuned!

Written by Qiusi and ChatGPT



Qiusi is a product manager in China’s EdTech industry focusing on language learning and AI. She enjoys writing stories. You can reach her at qiusi.dong@speechsuper.com

SpeechSuper provides cutting-edge AI speech assessment (a.k.a pronunciation assessment or pronunciation score) APIs for language learning products. Comprehensive feedback covers pronunciation score, fluency, completeness, rhythm, stress, liaison, etc. Languages supported include English, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and more.

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